Week 1: Introductions

This is a blog about the group of Emese Orosz, Magdalena Gorska, Lars van Kleef & Phillip Worster. We have taken on the project to work with Natuurmonumenten, Province Noord-Brabant, and RIVM. Our mission is to investigate the area of Loonse en Drunense Duinen, and to see why vegetation is taking over the protected sandy desert and how to manage it for the future.

During our first days, we met with the representatives from each of our clients. We discussed the requests and needs for this project. Over the next week, our group divided the work into four roles for each member. Emese takes the role of our Laboratory Specialist and the needs around it. Lars will take the role of our GIS specialist and will supervise the map making process. Phill will take the role of the Secretary and will focus on taking minutes and supervises promotional activities. Last but not least, Magda will take the role of out trusted leader and will focus on the schedules, leading meetings, and will act as the contact between our group and our clients. We have also made our Plan of Approach towards this project, as well as other necessary form.

We have only just begun our project but we plan to visit our site with a photography drone next week. Check out next weeks post for more information!

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