The Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park has developed a low pH over time. The plants that grow here have adapted over time to thrive in these soils.

The pH of the water samples was measured directly by using a pH meter. Water and soil samples were tested. For the soil samples, the pH was measured by three different methods. The water samples were measured by only one method.

Samples Sites
Map of Sampling Sites

pH The samples were as expected. The surface water samples were less acidic than the groundwater samples because the surface water is exposed to outside influences, such as plant and animal activities.


The following chart shows the soil sample results. The Deionised-water samples were higher than the other methods because the water diluted the samples. As the soils become more vegetated, the soil appears to become more acidic. This could be due to various plant and microbial activities within the soil.