Total Nitrogen

The Total Nitrogen includes Kjeldahl Nitrogen (ammonia, ammonium, and organic nitrogen), nitrate, and nitrite.

The groundwater flows from the North to South in the park. This is examined by looking at the differences in groundwater table height from our drilling, and maps of groundwater flow in the Netherlands.

Samples Sites

A farm is located a closer to the first sampling point, where the results are expected to be higher than in the other sample taking points. The forest area is the furthest away from the farm from the groundwater flow direction’s point of view. Here should have lower total nitrogen concentrations.

total-nitrogen-e1515771898815.pngWater samples were taken to follow the laboratory procedures.

The Total Nitrogen results of the water samples range between 1.18 and 2.95 mg/L. The first groundwater site had the highest concentration 2.95 mg/L, in the sandy area. The lowest results were found at the fourth sampling point 1.18 mg/L, which came from the forest.